*has 10 second fantasy about someone u saw in public*

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heres my idea thats going to revolutionize the comics industry: learn how to draw fabric

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I feel a little better now.
I think that’s what everyone wants to do, right?

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So about that finale

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Book 1 - Book 3

Book 1 - Book 3

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korra fans be like 

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btw just because asian people from asia don’t find something offensive doesn’t mean it isn’t

they’re not diasporic and don’t suffer racism the same way diasporic asians do like seriously fuck off

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Please Support a Desperate Incest Survivor


My name is Gabrielle, and I am an incest and sex trafficking survivor. After battling eight years of sexual abuse between the ages of nine and seventeen and suffering two miscarriages of fetuses conceived from rape, I fled my father and my abusive household to attend Central Maine Community College. There I was conferred an Associate’s Degree in Liberal Arts with a 4.0GPA while working twenty hours per week in a federally approved work study program, primarily as a math and science tutor.

Miraculously, I was accepted to Smith College, a premier Women’s College in Massachusetts. Although I was generously offered a significant amount of financial aid in the form of scholarships, grants, and student loans covering nearly all of my tuition, housing, and healthcare, other miscellaneous expenses such as textbooks ($500 per semester+), transportation to and from Smith ($200 per semester+), housing during recesses, and basic dorm amenities (laundry, housing dues, living and school supplies etc.) were not.

If I cannot scrape together the funds, I cannot attend. Without a car or a dependable place to live, I will be forced to consider returning to my abusive household.

As it is, I am bouncing between relatives for the summer and therefore cannot find steady work. I am using my measly reserve of earnings as well as SNAP benefits to feed myself; there is nothing extra. I cannot pay for treatment for my disfigured spine, a result of my abuse, nor can I pay for therapy for my Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, much less afford mounting textbook costs. 

If you could please help a sister dig herself out of the wretched hole she came from, I would be eternally grateful. 

Thank you so much for reading and have a fabulous day.

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effective feminism is realizing that every struggle is not your own and that you can’t always relate

 you can always provide support and solidarity

but sometimes you gotta realize

that it’s not about you right now

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The following occurred over the phone when a client had a minor issue with the site I built for him.

Client: Hi, the margin between the logo and the content is wrong. Can you simply change it while I’m on the phone?

Me: Sure. Did you want the margin to be bigger or…

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